Teaching & Mentoring


If you are interested in doing a bachelor or a master thesis at Mälardalen University, and if you are a good and ambitious student interested in software engineering, embedded system development and software testing, then have a look on the available theses and some general topics listed below (these topics are not taken by any student). If you are interested in any of these please email me.

I advise bachelor and master’s theses in all areas that I actively conduct research in:

  • Software Testing, with a particular focus on test design and  benchmarking of tests.

  • Embedded Systems, particularly the development of industrial control and safety-critical software.

  • Model Checking and Model-Based Testing, particularly the use of models (e.g., timed automata) for building better systems.

  • Human aspects of Software Engineering, particularly cognitive aspects of software development. 

  • Engineering Digital Systems and Circuits, especially using Verilog and other HDL architectures, and particularly how they relate to testing. 





  • Model Based Testing (Mälardalen University) 2017, Course responsible.

  • Advanced Verification and Validation (Mälardalen University) 2016. Lecturing on timed automata, modeling real-time systems and model checking. 

  • Software Testing Course (PROMPT Course for Industrial Professionals) 2014, 2015, 2016. Course development, lectures, supervision, exercises, creating/correcting exams

  • Software Verification and Validation (Mälardalen University) 2013, 2014, 2015. Guest lecture on Model Based Testing

  • Software Engineering (East China University of Science and Technology) 2015. Guest lecturing

  • Software Testing Commissioned Education (Mälardalen University and Ericsson) 2012, 2013. Lecturing on Model-based testing. Exercises, lab supervision.

  • Software Engineering Project Course (Mälardalen University) 2012 2013. Project supervision, exercises

  • Operating Systems Course (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) 2007 2008. Lab assistant.