Join Eduard Enoiu as he explores important questions on a diverse array of topics in software development, including software testing, quality assurance and the human mind. These are conversations with researchers, scientists, and technologists about software engineering. You can listen and subscribe to all future conversations — on iTunes, SoundCloud, or any other podcast aggregators. 


Episode 1 - Robert Feldt on software testing and human aspects of software engineering

Robert Feldt is a professor of software engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since April 2017 he is the co-Editor in Chief of the Empirical Software Engineering Journal.

In this conversation, Eduard and Robert talk about his path to being a researcher and they also cover different topics in software engineering and computer science.


Episode 2 - Tom Ostrand on fault prediction, software engineering and empirical studies

Tom Ostrand is a senior researcher at Mälardalen University in Sweden and a visiting scholar at Rutgers University. Tom has contributed to the theory and practice of software testing and fault prediction. Tom has studied large software systems at AT&T, Siemens, and Univac during his career.

In this conversation, Eduard and Tom talk about his early career, his work in fault prediction. Also, Tom gives some advice to students and young researchers pursuing a career in software engineering.